Imarel Armor and Magic Item Placement

by T.A. Saunders © Revised 8.15.14


Below is a list of armor and where it goes on the body. Note that some armor will come as a complete suit and the various bonuses will reflect that. The armor will be referred to as a set, or suit of armor. These are only examples; the names of various sorts of armor are exhaustive. When in doubt, use common sense. Failing that, ask an op.


1. Helm = Head
2. Gorget = Neck
3. Pauldrons = Shoulder
4. Breastplate/Cuirass/Chestplate/Coat/Robe = Chest
5. Bracers = Wrists
6. Gauntlets = Hands
7. Vambraces = elbows
8. Pants/Skirt/Cuisse = legs
9. Greaves (with Sabatons)/Boots/Slippers = feet/calf

Clothing & Accessories

A character can equip many sorts of magical jewelry and clothing items beyond his or her armor. The list below expresses what items, where and how many:

1. Four rings. (this can be a combination of rings on one's fingers or toes.)
2. Two bracelets (this can be substituted for an anklet.)
3. Two Earrings (one of which can be substituted for a nose ring or other bodily piercing).
4. A belt or girdle.
5. A harness or under-tunic.
6. Necklace/pendant/collar.
7. Cloak, cape or mantle.
8. Brooch, insignia or clasp (on a cloak, cape or mantle).

It should be noted that non-magical items of these sorts can be stacked however a player wishes. However, there are a limit to how many magic items one can stick on their body.