Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiency

by T.A. Saunders ©2013 v1.5


Through a character's career they will accumulate a variety of skills that have at least some practical use out in the world or may only be good for amusing friends at a party. It is and should be a part of character growth that they pick things up along the way in life and put those skills to use. For game purposes, proficiencies are broken down between Weapon and Non-Weapon.

Weapon proficiency means your character can pick up a weapon and use it without killing themselves and with some degree of skill.Weapon Mastery means your character can do some impressive things with that weapon but could probably learn a thing or two yet. Expert Proficiency means your character is lethal with the weapon in question and it shows. Non-Weapon Proficiencies are a bit more straight forward. Your character learns the skill and there is a possible skill check for that skill. Trade skill proficiencies are a little different. Your character learns the trade skill then advances in a similar fashion to Weapon Proficiency. For a chart on trade skill progression, read this article. Characters may begin play with one weapon at Proficient and one Trade at Novice.

Weapon Skills and Proficiencies
Non Weapon Proficiencies