Weapon Skills and Proficiencies

by T.A. Saunders ©2013 v1.5

Weapon Skill Chart:

Proficient: The proficient weapon user can pick up the weapon and use it. +5% to melee or attack hit with that weapon. 6 EP

Mastery: The mastery of a weapon means the user is skilled in its use and can do respectable damage with it. +10% to melee or attack hit with that weapon. 12 EP

Expert: The expert in a weapon has shown unusual dedication in learning to use that weapon and has gained incredible skill with it. +15% to melee/range hit and two attacks per round with that weapon. 24 EP

Specialist: The specialist in a weapon has spent a significant portion of their life understanding one particular weapon and its potential lethality. To become a specialist required the utmost dedication and study of a weapon. This grants +20% to melee/range hit, three attacks per round and +25% penalty to an enemy's armor value.  48 EP + play through of one full game chronicle.

NOTE: While some classes and races have bonuses to certain weapons already, skill bonuses can be stacked with the condition that in the case of being specialized, though no additional attacks per round are gained if the class bonus for such is higher than what's gained from being specialized in that particular weapon. In addition, skill bonuses for using shields raise blocking success instead of likelihood to hit, and upon reaching Expert rank grants an extra blocking attempt per round if not already provided by their class.


List of Weapon Proficiencies:

All weapon proficiencies cost 3 EP for a 80% chance of success in that proficiency. A GM may give a +/- to the roll depending on the situation. Additionally, the character must be considered proficient in at least one weapon, before they can spend points on weapon proficiencies.

For an additional 6 EP (90%) in a particular proficiency, a character may become specialized in a weapon proficiency, allowing them greater success in that particular proficiency.


Blind Fighting: A character with this proficiency has spacial awareness even while blinded and takes only half the allotted penalty against their hit bonus, if blinded, providing a successful check is made.


Counter-Attack: Characters with this proficiency can, while evading attack a target one time, while evading. High skill in weapons does not boost this skill, nor does having the ability through spell, tattoo, magic item, or other class skills to otherwise perform a similar function. This skill requires both having acrobatics and being a melee class.


Disarm: By use of this skill, the character displays superior skill with their chosen weapon and disarms their opponent. This skill assumes that the opponent's weapon can be disarmed and is not attached in some way. Additionally, weapons must be of similar size for a disarming to be successful; normal sized weapons will not be able to disarm a giant's weapon for example. Ranged weapons can also be used to disarm, but at a -10% penalty. Specializing in Disarm lowers the penalty to -5%. Disarm can only be used once per round, and must be the only attack the character makes.


Point-Blank Shot: This skill is open to Scouts and Rogues, who have mastered ranged weapons. In cases where a ranged attacker is closed in on, and attacked, those with this skill have the option to shoot the attacker at point blank range, with a +25% to their current range hit, granting a 50% chance to stun their enemy for one round, allowing them a chance to retreat and attack at range once more. This attack is tabulated at the beginning of the next round of combat, along with other attacks. This skill cannot be stacked with special attacks and cannot replace otherwise superior class skills. The single attack cannot be modified with magic, tattoos, or mechanical devices.


Riposte: By means of this skill, the Master of a melee weapon can add one attack, upon a block or a parry, granted by class skill. This attack is addressed the following combat round, in addition to any other attacks the character has. This skill is only available to melee classes, who have achieved mastery rank in a melee weapon. This skill also does not replace, or stack with superior skills, such as the Duelist's Deflection skill, nor can it be modified with magic or tattoos.