Item Distribution and Auction Rules

by T.A. Saunders © Revised 8.15.14


1. Players can roll for crafting loot but must submit the item with its stats to an op, then that op must approve the item or make any adjustments to make sure its game balanced.

2. Ops that craft things submit that item to be peer reviewed and balanced.

3. Crafting items is shunted to one item a week, per tradeskill. Rolling on item creation must be done in the presence of an op.

4. All crafted items are recorded for future purposes, must be recorded as discussed on the player's character sheet to be able to be used, and a player's sheet may be requested at any time and must be provided when the request is made.

5. If after crafting there is question on an item that was crafted it is expected that the player will review the item at request and if changes need to occur for balance or an oversight it will be done in the style of a peer review with multiple ops. This is not done casually however and if necessary to ammend an item after approval while a player has a say on this change it is expected that the change be made.



1. All loot lists are approved by the game administrator, including those made by ops.

2. Loot is distributed at a first come, first serve basis.

3. Loot attained by a player can be freely distributed to other characters that player plays.

4. Leftover loot is handled by EP auction in the OOC channel. There is no private message auctioning of loot.

5. Loot can be gifted under two conditions: 1. IC interaction between two characters that know one another. 2. Bid for through auction and the EP spent by the giver.



1. EP Auctioning of loot is done by the GM who ran the event one day or so after the event. This auctioning must be done in the OOC channel and everybody is to be given a fair shot at leftover loot.

2. Players who have received loot during that event may not bid, unless it is apparent that nobody else is interested in that loot. Then at that point, those players can bid.

3. Ops are allowed to bid on items as well, but are expected to bow out to players who did not receive loot during an event. In the case of players that did receive loot, ops are free to bid however they like.



1. Ops that run events may request an item be created for them by another op or select a piece of the list at random as reward for running an event (they are also awarded the EP to run said event).

2. Ops may not randomly give players loot for any reason, outside of the starter gear that is offered to all players on character creation.

3. Ops are expected to know and understand how the various numbers, effects and stats work and how they function in play. Understanding what is being let loose in the game is as important as running the event to get it fairly.