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One of the features of our site is an art gallery. All of the art inspired by Imarel is on display!

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Need a bit of help getting your sheet built? Please take a look at the sheet creation guide which will walk you step by step through the process! Join us on IRC and talk to an OP if you have questions!

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As the chronicles pass the maps continue to take on features and scars!

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  • The Current Chronicle.

    A little over a year has passed since the heroes of Zoda travelled west on behalf of Treytharus, King of Drakes, to liberate the captive Chaos Drakes from their enslavement at the hands of Zissah of Vocor and their fallen Van`su handlers. With the threat passed and their duty done, relative peace has fallen on the region, with their base on Ai Itaru becoming an independent neutral territory established to encourage open diplomacy and trade between the Taijuni and Albadosian people, whose long history of war are still far from being forgotten. Though this is not an end to conflict in the region, it is a slow start in mending old wounds between the nations whose feud has persisted for generations.

    Back east, a new school has opened near the borders of Moonfall and Vyss, constructed on a long lost Shei settlement decimated during the War of Eternals. Besmit Academy is a place of learning, to teach youths who seek a life of adventure and excitement the skills needed to survive in a world fraught with danger, be they martial or magical in nature. Yet, things are never so simple on Imarel, and as this occurs the political climate of Vyss grows cool, with strange decisions on the part of the monarchy leaving other nations confused and concerned about the direction the military superpower is heading…

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