Suggested Links

The links below are here for random reasons, whether it be other role-playing channels, information, reference material for characters or something we just felt like putting here. If you have a link you would like to submit here feel free to contact us. If you have a role-playing site, we require that you provide us a link on a similar link page if you want one here.

Channel Related

Fiction Foundry Personal blog of this game's creator, T.A. Saunders.
Catherine Steele's Blog Game artist, Catherine Steele's art blog.
DeviantART for T.A. Saunders Tim's Deviant art site, with game-related art.

Role Playing Related

DiceofDoom A podcast out of Australia that discusses various tabletop games.
Distant Fantasies A nice centralized site for advertising online RPG's.
Dungeons & Dragons The game system many of us originally started with.
Free form Role-Playing Don't know what free form role-play is? Read the Wiki!
Gary Gygax The creator of D&D and role-playing as we know it.
RPTools As the name implies, an interesting collection of useful RPG game tools.
The Red Dragon Inn The place where many of us started freeform RP, when it was on AOL.
The Role-Player's Creed Perhaps the single best set of guidelines for freeform RP on the Net.
Yog-Sothoth The home of all things Call of Cthulhu-related.

IRC Related

ChatZilla! For those of you using Firefox this is a browser-based chat client.
CIRC For those of you using Chrome, this is a browser-based chat client.
Darkmyst Our present IRC server's website.
IRCAnywhere A nice free alternative to IRCCloud.
Irssi An IRC chat client for Linux.
KiwiIRC Another free alternative to IRCCloud.
mIRC This is an IRC chat client we recommend to connect to us.
SearchIRC An IRC search engine that we're on and utilize.
Smuxi Another free alternative to IRCCloud that has support for multiple platforms

Suggested Authors

H.P. Lovecraft A wiki on a favorite author of the game founder.
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive Everything you've ever wanted to know about H.P. Lovecraft.
Michael Moorcock One of the game founder's favorite authors and writer of the Elric Saga.
Moorcock's Miscellany Michael Moorcock's site.
R.A. Salvatore Another favorite author of the game founder.
Scott Lynch The author of the Gentleman Bastard series.
Tolkien Gateway A wiki dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien's world.